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“I have known Tim Walkup (Owner/Operator, EJW Homes) professionally and personally for nearly two decades. From my earliest professional interactions with Tim, I saw immediate evidence that he is a man of character and integrity. He treats his business relationships professionally and fairly. He extends respect, is loyal, and committed to win-win outcomes. He allows people to do what they do best and for highly interdependent relationships to emerge in which both parties benefit from the reciprocity of a trusted and loyal business model. On balance, both parties enjoy success and positive outcomes because the relationships are true partnerships and not one-sided. Tim is a caring individual who earns – not commands – the trust and respect he gets from those that work for him, and with him, and from those for whom Tim works. I feel confident recommending Tim Walkup to you for all your personal residential real estate needs. Whether selling or buying, Tim will bring a fair and balanced approach to helping you maximize the transaction, equitably for all parties.”

Matt Levenson- Executive Vice President & Co-Owner- GNH Services, INC.


“I have had several business transactions with Tim Walkup (Owner/Operator, EJW Homes) over the past 15 plus years that created significant opportunities for me and my family. Tim is a person of great integrity that I would not hesitate recommending to my family or closest friends.”  

Jay Medlin

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